“Harbor Life” Transitional Program

The “Harbor Life” Transitional Program

The “Harbor Life” Transitional Program is a dynamic and powerful component to the lives that are transforming through the ministry of the Harbor!

When a person who is journeying through life’s storms begins taking part in the resources of the Harbor such as community provision and services, worship services, and more, through spiritual, professional, and earthly growth candidates for the Harbor Life Transitional Program will be identified by Harbor pastors and leaders.

This person begins to display a growth in Christ, a desire to live a fuller and greater life in which God has in store for our lives, and a desire to see and live for the needs of others. Additionally the action steps begin of taking ownership and responsibility for their past and present life. They further display within that spiritual growth a fruit of honesty, trustworthiness, selflessness, hunger for growth, a desire for ministry training, and a passion to serve for Christ locally in the community.

In essence, they become part of the “Harbor Family” and truly begin to live out the Harbor vision.

At the Harbor we understand that through the storms of life, sometimes people truly need a helping hand in rediscovering or rebuilding their foundation.

The Harbor Life Transitional Program becomes exactly that.

After the minimum of a three month growth and surrender period, Harbor Life candidates are identified. They then if desiring to continue further in the program, take part in a multi-part evaluation process: application, spiritual growth evaluation, formal interview, and upon prayerful consideration and testimony of the beginning fruit-bearing life transformation, are accepted into the program.

What does the program look like?

*One year of subsidized independent apartment living
*One year spiritual one-on-one discipleship mentor
*One year job/professional mentor
*Spiritual Accountability and Life Coaching
*Job and Education Training
*Job Placement
*Budgeting and Stewardship
*Ministry training through the Harbor systematic spiritual training of Bible Study 101, School of Ministry, and Christian Living Leadership Training

Ultimately the result is a deep and eternal life transformation in Jesus Christ!